Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care
Design Vaults jewellery is handmade with care – here’s some tips on how to keep it looking great:

Be careful when storing your jewellery to avoid scratches to surfaces or damage to your semi-precious gemstone. Ideally, keep your items free from tangling with other jewellery, and avoid swimming with your gorgeous purchase at all costs – the chemicals in swimming pools accelerate tarnishing so leave them in your swim bag, or even better, in your beautiful packaging!

Caring for Sterling Silver

Over time, silver can tarnish – we recommend using a soft silver polishing cloth or a non-abrasive silver polish to keep it looking great. Avoid silver dips as this leaves microscopic pits in your jewellery causing it to darken faster, and keeping your purchase in your gorgeous packaging or a plastic bag will help avoid tarnishing, (which happens when silver is exposed to air).

Caring for Gold Plate & Gold Vermeil

Gold doesn’t tarnish but can be dirtied or dulled by the oils in your skin, perfumes, cosmetics, showering & other cleaning products – to prolong the life of your jewellery avoid these wherever possible. Gold plated & gold vermeil items can be cleaned by washing your purchase in warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush – avoid wearing these items in bed as rubbing against them can wear down the surfaces.

Caring for Semi-Precious Gemstones

Gemstones can be damaged by careless handling and require special care. To keep them looking great avoid scratching against hard surfaces, avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, showering & other cleaning products, and store separately from other jewellery.  If they need a clean up, soak them in lukewarm water and gently bring back there sparkle with a soft toothbrush & washing up liquid.

Caring for Resin

Avoid wearing your resin jewellery in or near water, (it’s best to leave your piece in the locker when going for a swim!) and it’s recommended that you avoid chemicals or alcohol based products, (e.g. perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover, etc) which can damage the resin & your gorgeous jewellery.